Floating Media Console with Fold Down Door

Floating Media Console

We often get asked to make our products in modified dimensions, species and finishes and we love it. As a manufacturer, it is nice to be able to use all of our tools to provide customers with exactly what they want. We also spend so much time developing products like our floating nightstand that it would be a shame if we couldn't share these designs with customers who required furniture that was just a little bit different than the specs our stock items are made to.

In this made-to-order profile, we are showing a Buoy Floating Nightstand that was made into a floating media console with a fold down door. This floating media console in Walnut, is essentially a custom dimensioned console that has a custom hole cut into the top to allow for cords to manage their way through the unit. It is a solid wood console that has mechanical fold down stays and specialty hinges to allow for the door to fold up and down.

This particular floating media console with a fold down door was made for a customer who was looking for a media unit that could hold cable boxes and other electronics. 

We also make larger double and triple door versions of this floating console. If you have any questions about custom furniture or made to order floating consoles, reach out to us. You can do so quickly by selecting the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen.

Here are some pictures and a video showing the floating media console with a fold down door.

Floating Media Console with Fold Down Doors

Floating media console with fold down doors from Dustin Kroft on Vimeo.


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