Top 5: Why a Floating Nightstand Makes Sense

The concept of a floating nightstand can be lost on some. When we do trade shows people either connect with the idea immediately or question why they would need one. That is why I thought it was a good idea to list the top 5 reasons why people purchase floating nightstands. 

One of the things that concerns people about floating nightstands is how to mount it to the wall. If you aren't incredibly handy, you should probably leave this to a professional but installing our Buoy nightstands is actually really simple. We have a proprietary cleat that installs to the wall and then you just mount the floating nightstand on that cleat and fasten the actual nightstand to your wall for one last measurement to make sure it is securely fastened.

Here is a picture of our cleat.

Mounting a Floating Nightstand

A lot of companies don't provide sufficient drywall hardware for mounting and there is nothing more frustrating than a wall mounted piece of furniture that sags! We provide snap togglers which are rated for 268 lbs each! They are fantastic and really offer a great substitute if you don't have wood studs to install into.

Anyway, enough about our floating nightstand! Lets get to why people seek them out. Here is our top 5 reasons why people like wall mounted nightstands.

1. Bed with drawers that gets in the way

If you have a bed with storage or drawers, it is nice to be able to use them all. We hear all the time that people want our floating nightstand because it allows them to open up and use all of the drawers available in their bed frame. 

2. Clean and minimalist look

Our Buoy nightstands really are simple and clean and their modern aesthetic really appeals to homeowners looking for an uncluttered look. I personally subscribe to the philosophy that less is more and there is something about an uncluttered home or environment that makes me happy. If you can relate, then a well built floating nightstand is the right bedside table for you!

3. Neat freak friendly

We hear it all the time that our customers like that they are able to easily clean under and around their Buoy nightstands. Those dust bunnies can be gross and if you don't require a lot of storage by your bed, then wall mounted nightstands give you the ability to keep your room neat and tidy.

4. Nothing like a good purge

Excessive storage in a nightstand often leads to holding onto things that you could probably do without. Purging isn't for everyone, but I often feel liberated and free when I get rid of things that I just don't use anymore. Having a limited amount of storage space beside your bed, forces you to store just the essentials for bed time and your morning routine.

5. Cable management

This is not to say that other nightstands, with legs or bases, don't have cable management but hiding your wires and managing them is so much easier with a floating nightstand... especially our Buoy. We offer cord grips to tie your wires down and there is a built in channel to feed your wires through to the surface of the nightstand. It is a great way to keep your phone cords from falling to the ground and manage other cords.

If you want to learn more about our floating nightstand, check out the different variations of our Buoy. It is handcrafted, built with love and is generally available to ship within the week.

Floating Nightstand

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